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At Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory we are proud of the skills and experience that we have accomplished in the past 32 years. We are constantly striving to make that crown, bridge, veneer, implant, or denture/partial better than the last one.

It is important for a dentist to find a lab that compliments their abilities, a lab that can help them through challenging cases, and a lab that has experienced success and learned from failures.

Give us the opportunity to show you how capable we are to customize products and services for you. Think of our lab as an extension of your practice, like an assistant or hygienist, and part of your team.

It does neither good for you or your patients to hop from one lab to another looking for the “goose that lays the golden egg”. The truth is, no lab is perfect, however, an experienced lab, such as Ceramic Arts, has the knowledge and patience to work out any problems such as tight fitting contacts or high occlusions by going back to the fundamentals of impression taking or temporizing. Fundamentals are perishable skills that we all need to refresh. When the lab and dentist can sit down together and brush egos aside, anything can be accomplished.

A laboratory should share the same mind set as the dentist office.

Implants & Custom Pieces

Implants and Custom Pieces

Straumann Etkon scanner

etkon™ es1 - Digital Laser TechnologyWeb Documents Images. Even complex bridges with very tight interproximal spacing are easily scanned with the es1 scanner. Designed to scan within 10 microns of accuracy, the etkon™ es1 scanner produces a 3d digital image, creating a meticulous fit for crowns, bridges and custom abutments time after time.

Titanium Crown and Bridge

Standard porcelain fused to Titanium: metal lingual collar (1mm) Premium porcelain fused to Titanium: metal lingual collar (1mm), buccal or labial porcelain margin Elite porcelain fused to Titanium: 360 degree porcelain margins

Horizontal Line

Not all laboratories offer a personalized service; however our technicians work together as a team and coordinate each job to our customer's specific requirements. You'll find that our price is a little higher than other dental labs, yet both you and your patients have the satisfaction and assurance of knowing that everything is made in the USA.

Special Offer

Special Offer!

Press, stain, and glaze technique gets the job done right and more efficiently. Saving you time and money is what Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory is dong for today?s dentists.

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"When I entered private practice from dental school in 1982, I was approached by a young lab tech who had recently opened his own lab. He asked me to give him a try and we could grow together. We have grown for all of the 27 years and he has never given me a reason to have another fixed prosthetics lab. Congratulations Marty, for a job well done."
Mark A. Iacobelli, D.D.S.