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This is a breakdown of the different types of PFM crown and bridge Ceramic Arts offers. Our different options and variations are dependent on your patients needs, budget, quality, and appearance.


All of our porcelain fused to metal, gold, titanium crowns and bridges are multi layered ceramic, starting with opaque or deep dentin, then dentin and then enamel. All traditional crown and bridge can be designed with buccal or labial porcelain margins or 360 degree margins depending on the patient’s esthetic needs.

Ceramic to Metal CROWN AND BRIDGE

  • PFM: Porcelain fused to Metal:
  • Standard porcelain fused to base metal – metal lingual collar (1mm)
  • Premium porcelain fused to base metal – metal lingual collar (1mm) with buccal or labial porcelain margin
  • Elite porcelain fused to base metal – 360 degree porcelain margins
  • PFG: Porcelain fused to Gold:
  • Standard porcelain fused to gold: metal lingual collar (1mm)
  • Premium porcelain fused to gold: metal lingual collar (1mm) with buccal or labial porcelain margin
  • Elite porcelain fused to gold: 360 degree porcelain margins
  • PFTi: Porcelain fused to Titanium:
  • Standard porcelain fused to Titanium: metal lingual collar (1mm)
  • Premium porcelain fused to Titanium: metal lingual collar (1mm), buccal or labial porcelain margin
  • Elite porcelain fused to Titanium: 360 degree porcelain margins


  • PFZ: Porcelain fused to Zirconium :( used for crowns and bridges)
  • Standard porcelain fused to Zirconium: porcelain covered Zirconia margins
  • Premium porcelain fused to Zirconium: porcelain buccal margin
  • Elite porcelain fused to Zirconium: 360 degree porcelain margin


We provide cosmetic choice in restorative materials. Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory has been a Certified Empress Laboratory since the early 1990’s. We have also been involved with e.max since Ivoclar Vivadent launched it. We are also a Straumann Certified Laboratory. Having the Straumann Cad/Cam scanner in house, allows us to design zirconia substructures with proper frame support. All of Ceramic Arts Dental Lab’s technicians are trained in dental anatomy. We understand that size, shape, emergence profile, surface texture of the adjacent dentition is just as important as the shade.

Thin Veneers

IPS e.max can be pressed to as thin as 0.3 mm for veneers. If sufficient space is present, IPS e.max can be placed over the existing teeth without the removal of any tooth structure. Depending on the case requirements, however, some teeth may need to be prepped to accommodate for the thickness of ceramic and to ensure for proper contour and emergence profile.

  • IPS e.max: (used for crowns, 3 unit bridges, veneers)
  • e.max premium: press, stain, glaze
  • e.max elite: layered enamel
  • IPS Empress Esthetic: (used for crowns and veneers)
  • IPS Empress Esthetic premium: press, stain, glaze
  • IPS Empress Esthetic elite: layered enamel


Custom abutments in zirconia, titanium and carry stock abutments

Being a Certified Straumann Laboratory, we design in house bone level and tissue level custom implant abutments in both zirconia and in titanium. We design these abutments to replicate the shape and function of natural dentition. With the proper use of healing caps and temporary abutments, we can contour the base of the abutment to fill the sulcas and maintain mesial and distal papilla. These abutments can be crowned or bridged with e.max or zirconia.


High Quality Denture and Partials

Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory in 2010 will launch their denture and partial department. We will provide natural looking removable partials and dentures and implant dentures with high quality materials and skilled technicians.


The Latest Technology

Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory provides in-lab shading for area dentists. We couple our skill and training with the Clear Match software and provide our dentists consistent and predictable results. For those dentists who are outside this area, we can provide you with a tool that you can use with any digital camera. Just snap your pictures and send them by email.

Special Offer

Special Offer!

Press, stain, and glaze technique gets the job done right and more efficiently. Saving you time and money is what Ceramic Arts Dental Laboratory is dong for today?s dentists.

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"When I entered private practice from dental school in 1982, I was approached by a young lab tech who had recently opened his own lab. He asked me to give him a try and we could grow together. We have grown for all of the 27 years and he has never given me a reason to have another fixed prosthetics lab. Congratulations Marty, for a job well done."
Mark A. Iacobelli, D.D.S.